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The band's third album reflects the political, social and racial issues within the Brazilian Megalopolis

A little more than a year after "Corpura", Aláfia ('open roads' in Yoruba) launches 'SP NÃO É SOPA, NA BEIRADA ESQUENTA' (which could be translated as 'SP isn't duck soup, it gets hot on the edge'). With eleven tracks, the new album produced and directed by Eduardo Brechó is a soundtrack for the megalopolis, with several local artists taking part. "São Paulo is indeed a relationship of love and hate. I thought a lot about the great blaxploitation scores to produce this concrete and acid tribute", explains Brechó, who also authors ten of the eleven tracks listed in this album. "The lyrics speak of Amaral Gurgel, Bela Vista, Brasilândia, Vila Madalena, São Mateus, Capão Redondo and the neighborhoods through which we circulate," he adds.

Considered by its eleven members as an evolution of all the work the band developed in its nearly 6 years of existence, "SP NÃO É SOPA" brings songs with Aláfia’s traditional references, but dressed up in unconventional attire. "Although we bring a very different sound from those of previous albums, the references are the same, both in form and content. Poetry, funk and Candomblé are our roots and we maintained the concept of our aesthetics. The difference is on the emphasis of electronic elements, filters and processes, which led to the construction of a dirtier and more urban sound, focusing on the outskirts of the city. We sail between chaos, violence and tenderness”. Candomblé's rhythmic patterns are here, but less highlighted than in the two previous records: "There is no rupture by not mentioning directly, in this album, the patterns and subjects related to the orixás and/or the worship yard elements, it's just another approach to the same teachings and themes".

The featured artists from this album are Raquel Virgínia and Assucena, from the band As Bahias e a Cozinha Mineira, singing on the track "Mano e Mona"; Fernando Ripol, from Samba do Congo, in "Agogô de 5 Bocas"; and Luísa Maita in "Saracura". Contributions also include Vinícius Chagas on the saxophone; Marco Mattoli on the guitar; Robinho Tavares on the bass; Julio Fejuca on the guitar, seven-string guitar and cavaco; João Parahyba plays the 'timbatera' (Brazilian drums); the scratches and collages are signed by DJ Nyack (Discopédia).

"SP NÃO É SOPA, NA BEIRADA ESQUENTA"  was recorded at the Red Bull Studios and Fluxo Produções in São Paulo, and was mixed by Rodrigo Funai and Gustavo Lenza. Felipe Tichauer (Redtraxx Studio) is responsible for mastering. Musical co-production is signed by Filipe Gomes, the band's drummer.

Aláfia members are Eduardo Brechó (voice and guitar), Xênia França (voice), Jairo Pereira (voice), Alysson Bruno (percussion), Pedro Bandera (percussion), Lucas Cirillo (harmonica), Pipo Pegoraro (bass), Gil Duarte (trombone and flute), Filipe Gomes (drums) and Fabio Leandro (keyboard).

photo © Edu Pimenta